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The Simple Method to Disable MIUI Optimization in Your Xiaomi MIUI Versions

Xiaomi’s Phone comes with a lot of customizable features. That’s why the company claims the MIUI is now lighter and faster, but still, its MIUI is back in terms of others like Samsung’s OneUI and OxygenOS by Oneplus. So, One can Turn on MIUI Optimization features that will help somehow to optimize our Xiaomi Phones. But still, many users are reporting the negative impact of MIUI Optimization. Some say that is the high-risk feature enabled by us. So, with this, here is a short tutorial to Disable MIUI Optimization in your Xiaomi phone.

What is MIUI Optimization? 

MIUI Optimization is the tool Xiaomi prepared to maintain their Phone. This is an app designed to improve the device’s performance. But many prove it’s just a Gimmick. Anyway, for the users, we can use MIUI Optimization to effectively control the battery drain background processing that helps manage the Phone’s performance. 

Yes, as mentioned above, When you turn on MIUI Optimization, you can improve the performance of the device by optimizing the CPU Usage, Managing background processing, and taking care of your Phone’s battery, too. This MIUI Optimization aims to restrict background activity and optimize your Phone’s performance.

How MIUI Optimization work? The Mechanism of MIUI Optimization

Xiaomi’s MIUI Optimization is quite significant to control your smartphone effectively. When you turn off MIUI Optimization or turn it on, you will notice some changes in your daily performance. Here’s how the MIUI Optimization works,

  • It frees up the RAM Automatically in the Background,
  • It reduces the CPU Loading during the Multi-tasking,
  • Limits the number of Apps running in the Background,
  • MIUI Optimization turns on the Power-Saving Mode and protects the battery from draining,
  • Running the apps in Parallel to reduce the performance stress,

Some Advantages of Turning On MIUI Optimization

Before the MIUI Optimization Disable process, here’s a short look at the advantages that you can achieve from the MIUI Optimization,

Bit Improvement in Performance:  You can notice some improvement in your Phone’s performance after the MIUI Optimization. It is not as expected, but you can see only the minor edits because it’s a Virtual system and technique.

Saves a few percent of Battery: With the MIUI Optimization, you will save some percent of extra battery. Moreover, as this process takes proper care of the battery by turning off the background processing, you will see the battery drain ratio relatively slower.

Control Heating: Heating in smartphones is due to the battery and its performance. When your Phone’s performance is busy and you are performing a heavy task, you will have a heating issue. Due to this, when you turn on MIUI Optimization, you will take control over the heating ratio of your Phone.

Fix Bugs: The MIUI Optimization features also help fix some smartphone errors. It will protect your smartphone to be healthy by fixing some minor bugs seen in your Phone.

Steps to Disable MIUI Optimization

To turn off MIUI Optimization in any Xiaomi Phone, you must enable the Developer Options first. From this, you will be unlocked to access the MIUI Optimization. Here’s the steps for MIUI Optimization Disable,

  • Go to the Additional Settings on your phone.
  • Tap on Developer Options given here and then scroll down to the end.
  • Here, you will find the option Turn on MIUI Optimization. So, turn it off by toggling it left. 
turn off miui optimization

That’s the simple steps to Disable MIUI Optimization. With these steps, you can unrestrict your phone’s processing for the change in Performance. 

How to enable MIUI optimization in MIUI

So, to turn on MIUI optimization in your Xiaomi MIUI Phones, you must follow the same process as the process to Disable MIUI Optimization. Here are the simple steps to enable better Performance.

  • First, go to the About Phone and tap seven times on the MIUI Version,
  • After enabling the Developer Options in your phone,
  • Go to the Additional Settings on your phone.
  • Tap on Developer Options given here and then scroll down to the end.
  • Now find the option Reset to default values, then tap on it; it will restore all the default values of the Developer Options.
  • At last, scroll down to the end of the Developer Options and then make sure the Turn on MIUI Optimization is turned on; if not, turn it on.
  • Here, you will find the option Turn on MIUI Optimization. So, turn it off by toggle it left. 

MIUI Optimization is Not Shown? How to Fix it?

In some user’s phones, we can notice the features of MIUI optimization can’t be shown. With this, you cannot turn on/off MIUI Optimization features. So, if this is the same problem you are facing by you, then here are the simple steps you can carry,

If the MIUI Optimization features are missing in your MIUI Devices, you must Reset to default values. Here’s 

  • Go to Developer Options, then scroll down, 
  • Find the Reset to default values and tap it for the few times,

With this, you can see the MIUI Optimization in the Developer Options of your Phone. So, now you can turn it on/off as needed.

miui optimization disable

People Also Asked?

Why should I turn off battery optimization?

If you want to maintain the Performance and allow the phone to work perfectly, you can turn off the Battery Optimization on your phone.

What is memory optimization in MIUI?

Memory Optimization features in MIUI help Manage the RAM in your MIUI Phone so that it will improve your phone’s Performance.

How do I optimize my MIUI battery?

Turning on the Battery Saver is one of the best ways to optimize your Xiaomi MIUI Phone’s battery.

Is downgrading MIUI safe?

Downgrading the MIUI is difficult and risky for the non-technical person.

Is it OK to turn off MIUI Optimisation?

Disabling the MIUI Optimization doesn’t affect your Performance; this only makes a bit of change in your real-time Performance.

How do you turn off MIUI optimization in MIUI 13?

You can disable the MIUI Optimization in any version of MIUI, including the MIUI 13 from the Developer Options.

Is MIUI optimization excellent or bad?

It depends upon your need; you can only turn it on for some performance improvement.

How do I turn off MIUI apps?

You can’t turn off MIUI apps, but the third-party apps can be turned off as needed.

What makes MIUI slow?

However, Xia, Omi claims the MIUI is now fast, but still, Xia, Omi’s UI is packed with a lot of bloatware and incorporation with the Google app. It’s becoming worse day to day.

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